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Habrá miniserie de Darth Vader para primavera-verano de 2015

Star Wars Rebels 01


La noticia integra la tenéis aquí en ingles:


This week saw the Brand Licensing Show hit London’s Olympia like a ton of trademarked bricksTM. As you might expect, there were little bits of Star Wars news to be had for those paying close attention – Lucasfilm’s space saga is, after all, The Top King Daddy* of lunchbox, duvet and plastic figurines.

Here’s a scan of one page from a brochure apparently given out to attendees. As you’ll see from the watermark, this was nabbed by the good burghers of Jedi News.

star wars brand expo

There’s a lot of interesting business on that sheet. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the mention of some Darth Vader-themed TV specials to screen next spring. Perhaps this explains the persistent rumours about Vader suits at Pinewood Studios?

I might have guessed these would have been Lego Star Wars specials, like The Yoda Chronicles, but for the clear way those Lego toons are labelled clearly elsewhere on this page. Best bet, then? Some sort ofsomething designed to make Vader a going concern with modern viewers. Why? Well, there’s certainly going to be a lot of connective tissue between episodes VI and VII. Perhaps this is part of the groundwork.

Then there’s a release window for Episode VII that puts it in the spring or summer of 2015, not the oft-rumoured November. Old information? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Maybe in November. And maybe from an Episode VII announcement teaser of some kind. Or maybe that’s just a rumour too. There’s a lot of them going round.

What’s this about a “digital catalogue” too? Will this be download versions of Episodes I-VI? I can very easily believe that. Or might it be The Clone Wars, maybe the as-yet unreleased Clone Wars “bonus material”? Or all of the above?

So, there’s a lot more questions than answers on this brochure, and I wonder what extra context might have been had if one was lucky enough to attend the show? Still, it’s questions I wouldn’t have known to ask just yesterday.

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